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I'm a third-generation native of a storied, old borough in the Pennsylvania Wilds’ Allegheny Mountains.


For decades, I lived and worked along the Potomac River, in D.C..  These days, I find more inspiration in the forests of my “native altitude,” in the place my family's called "home" for more than 100 years.  I create award-winning, multi-media content for audiences and clients, worldwide, including—Discovery Networks, National Geographic, universities, publishers, diplomats, and other individuals and organizations,

I value loved ones, honest conversation, mountain air, the woods, a good story, cooking time, clarity, natural remedies, preserving historic structures, a good dog, simplicity, peace, and sitting by the fire.

Recently, I've begun launching a creative, non-fiction series, called "Megan’s Mostly-True Stories," as well as a Blog, all of which you may find here, on my site. I hope you enjoy, which I set up to show you some of the remarkable things that come across my desk.

Out here,


o2.07.2023 Update--Please join me at the 2023 Writers Conference of Northern Appalachia Event, March 10-11, in the metro area of Pittsburgh, a city also called the "Paris of Appalachia."  I'll be presenting about the unvarnished voices and homegrown characters in my Mostly-True Stories.  Here's a link to the program on WCoNA's site--

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