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Join a fireside confession, about a quest for hidden gold in modern-day Pittsburgh.
  Hear a tale of chivalry, dishonesty, thievery, and the hazards of acting on youthful impulse.



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"Ill-Gotten Gold" Quotes

"I believe we're all temporarily insane from 15-25.

That doesn't excuse our behavior, at those ages, but it does help explain it...."

"'Wait,' I said. 'So, would you two get knighted while I got hung for this?'

They didn't answer; they just laughed and turned their smiling, youthful faces towards me...."

This story is set in the woods of West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and the Middle Ages.  Meaty and accessible, the beautifully-illustrated, Mostly-True Short Stories in this series are full of the kinds of tales told around a campfire.


 Available through Amazonmegansdesk.netWatershed Books, & The Creative Cup.

(E-Book & Paperback Available for on-line orders / Paperback Available in stores by October 15, 2022)


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