Join a fireside confession, about a quest for hidden gold in modern-day Pittsburgh.
  Hear a tale of chivalry, dishonesty, thievery, and the hazards of acting on youthful impulse.


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"Ill-Gotten Gold" Quotes

"I believe we're all temporarily insane from 15-25.

That doesn't excuse our behavior, at those ages, but it does help explain it...."

"'Wait,' I said. 'So, would you two get knighted while I got hung for this?'

They didn't answer; they just laughed and turned their smiling, youthful faces towards me...."

Meaty and accessible, the beautifully-illustrated, Mostly-True Short Stories in this series are full of the kinds of tales told around a campfire.  Available through, and Watershed Books.

(E-Book & Paperback Available for on-line orders / Paperback Available in stores starting in September, 2022)