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  • Megan Schreiber-Carter

Elderly Microgreens

Updated: Jan 18

A crop that should have taken 7-11 days took me 5 weeks to grow.

At 48 hours, the lid came off... On day 6, they were nowhere near grown.

On day 8, I tried a greenhouse.

At 13 days, they were on their way.

I figured out that they needed more light.

Harvest came 5 weeks after planting.

Broccoli, kale, kohlrabi and cabbage sprouts go well on buttered, leek & cheese cornbread. The sprouts are tasty, firm, and have lots of texture.

Encouraged, I've started seeds in peat pellets (shown here) and peat pots.

Plus, I started one seed in a tea bag, which I'm told should sprout it.

We'll see how they grow.

Our here,


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