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  • Megan Schreiber-Carter

More good news about the Brick Block

As of today, the Brick Block’s pests have been managed--no more bugs, bats, cats, rodents or other vermin. With this step, a great project to bring this classic structure back to health has begun.

Here at Megan’s Desk, I will blog a bit about the Brick Block project’s progress, but, for in-depth coverage, please see my blogs at as well as the Trust’s Facebook page.

And, more news—A short story, set in Elk County and written about its history, is coming out. The Great Aunt Alice Collection is currently in production as an e-book, a print book and an Audible version. It should be out in a month or two, and I will pass on the information about it from here at Megan’s Desk.

Bye for now.

Out here,


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