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  • Megan Schreiber-Carter

The View from Here

The atmosphere here, in this little Pennsylvania Borough, is surreal. It’s quiet and peaceful but strangely so. It’s a lot like the atmosphere you find in anticipation of a predicted weather event—a snowstorm, a windstorm, and the like. Yet, the sky is blue; the sun is shining; the birds are singing; and, spring is coming.

Maybe the idea of spring is a good way to look at this storm we’re facing—we do what we can to prepare, to minimize the damage, to take care, stay calm, and see our way past the storm to better weather ahead.

So, here at least, people seem to be calmly going about their business of getting set to settle in. Though what we prepare for is not a weather event but a biological event, Americans know how to go about purposefully preparing for a storm. We have weathered other storms and we will weather this one.

Out Here,


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