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  • Megan Schreiber-Carter

Time for a Deep Breath with the Brick Block...

Hi All,

I’m encouraged by so much hearty interest in preserving the Brick Block.

In my mind, the best course seems to be to set a December deadline for purchase proposals, which could include not only the detailed proposal for the future of the building but also a certified financial summary for the purchaser(s) as well as personal and professional letters of recommendation. Perhaps a winner could be announced in January 2020.

Important decisions are usually best made with enough time to gather and consider options. If this is done in the case of the Brick Block, which already has stood the test of so much time, I believe a great match may yet be found for this remarkable building so many want to save.

Out here,


(For the full, photo-feature story about the Brick Block please go to "Featured Stories" on .)

Brick-Block, Street-Level Arcade


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